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1) “Who is Dr. Kaiser and why is he doing this?” Dr. Kaiser is an Optometrist that practices in Del Rio, Texas. He owns Kaiser Eye Care and House Call Eye Care. He started this website to give new writers more exposure and readers a source of income. Times are tough and this is a simple way to supplement one’s income.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New edition coming out soon

Just thought I would give a brief update. We are rocking and rolling along. I have received lots of new stories for consideration into the next issue. Lots of good stories out there. Keep them coming.

I am not sure who is reading this blog, but so far the reception seems to be very negative. Please lighten up and enjoy life. My life is very busy and this is one of my sources of entertainment. Don't make it an arm wrestling match....nobody enjoys that.

Thanks again for reading.

Dr. Kaiser


  1. How kind of an Optometrist to set up a writing site. Perhaps writers should return the favour and set up an Optometrist practice? If you're wondering why there is negative reception to your plan it might be because you are promoting a pyramid scheme. Check out Writer Beware for more information if you haven't already.


  2. Thanks for the info about the other blog. This is not a pyramid scheme. It is an affiliate program. Please don't comment on things you don't understand.

    I am only trying to help writers, not hurt them. That is "how" I am doing this. You can support your local Optometrist by getting a yearly eye exam.

    Thanks again for your comment, although inaccurate.

    Dr. K

  3. "Please don't comment on things you don't understand."

    Um... yes.

    Dr K, I saw nothing inaccurate about JPF's comment. The holes in your plan are numerous and wide. While I wish you the best of luck here, I can't honestly see this doing well, I'm afraid.



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