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1) “Who is Dr. Kaiser and why is he doing this?” Dr. Kaiser is an Optometrist that practices in Del Rio, Texas. He owns Kaiser Eye Care and House Call Eye Care. He started this website to give new writers more exposure and readers a source of income. Times are tough and this is a simple way to supplement one’s income.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Write a Short Story?


Many people have wondered why I have started Short Story of the Month and what type of stories we are looking for.

I'll address the first question first. I started Short Story of the Month to create an online magazine that people will want to read and enjoy. If they want to read it, it will give the writers more exposure and it will also give the affiliates a source of continued monthly income. These are two pluses, as I see. There has been much skepticism about the validity of the program and all I can say about that is time will tell. I am committed to making this work. If you are reading this and are curious, check it out: http://www.shortstoryofthemonth.com

To answer the second question. The types of stories we are looking for are of any genre. Basically we want entertaining stories that complete a thought or process. I have received a few stories that were just ramblings or abstract thoughts that led to nothing. One was a hateful rant from an adopted girl. Not entertaining. If you want a comparison of what we are looking for, think Stephen King short story - good, Cormack McCarthy story - bad.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon.

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